My second attempt at dinner

Tonight for dinner I cooked an awesome fried crispy skin salmon with a side of salad and some potato chips. It tasted fantastic and I groaned aloud when I bit into the chip (it was that good); I haven’t had crinkle-cut chips in so long!

The salad was made together with some caesar dressing and I don’t know whether it’s because of the Japan-produced eggs or some other ingredient, but their dressing tastes so much better than the ones I get back in Australia. The salmon was cooked to perfection and I didn’t add any salt or pepper to retain the original taste. All in all, dinner was insane! I would definitely say a lot better than the soupy noodles I made on the first go.

As you can see in the lovely picture, I managed to eat all of the important food groups; a bit of protein and omega-3 from the salmon, fibre and vitamins from the salad and the carbohydrates to keep the mind and body going. I probably had a bit too much carbs but I was gunning for chips, chips and more chips!

*Grin. Sorry about going on and on about the food but I’ve been eating a lot of Japanese food these past two weeks and I’ve really missed the variety. Not that Japanese food isn’t good but a girl likes her other food groups once in a while. I actually wanted to cook steak tonight but when I saw the prices of beef at Kanesue, my stomach sort of shriveled up and I couldn’t justify spending so much on beef.

One thing I noticed about Japanese food is that they aren’t too concerned about their veggies. Stuff like udon, ramen, bento boxes and curry rice have little to no greens at all. I wonder how they keep regular? Hmm…

But anyway, Japanese people are really big on eggs. They have eggs EVERYWHERE on EVERYTHING. Mashed egg, poached egg, scrambled egg, hard-boiled egg, egg mixed with rice, egg on sushi, egg on pizza (ew!), egg in and on bread…well you get the picture. They consume lots of eggs and it is so cheap here; 98 yen for a box of ten eggs. Good source of protein, I guess. And at least their eggs make really great ice-cream and caeser dressing! LOL.


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